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ECIS Holiday Donation 2015


On Wednesday, December 9th 2015 – The staff at East Coast Industrial Services, Inc. surprised Ellsworth “Sparky” Wayman at his home in New Windsor, NY with a Holiday donation towards the replacement of a new car. A couple weeks before, Sparky had crashed his car into a pole and trailer across from his house. Sparky is 90 years old and a World War II Veteran just like the GM of ECIS Jay Presutti’s father who recently passed away. Sparky’s been selling Christmas trees from his New Windsor home. He has completely sold out of Christmas trees for the year, and is extremely grateful for all of the local community support he has received this holiday season. Sparky has become “famous” in the community as we had told him, but he said he doesn’t want the fame he just wants to be normal like everyone else. He appreciates all the help he has received, and is an extremely humble man with many stories to tell. We at ECIS are happy to be able to help Sparky with our donation and hope that he has a wonderful holiday.



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